NAF El Centro February 27th

I visited NAF El Centro on Feb 27 2014 for a scheduled photocall. El Centro always provides interesting activity and you never know ahead of time what you’re going to see. You can often catch visitors arriving for a gas and go.

NAF El Centro Feb 28th

The Blue Angels were in residence doing their spring training. Unfortunately on the day I was there, the winds were too strong for them to do either the morning or the afternoon practices.

However we did get a chance to catch a lot of activity from Training Wing 1 with their T-45s. It’s interesting to see the young Naval aviators practicing and working hard at developing their skills.

Later in the day as the sun was setting we had a C130 arrive and then a couple of Prowlers departed. I captured some video of that activity, see the links below.

From off the base we were able to shoot a couple of Hornets and Prowlers as well as some Marine choppers.

Thanks and appreciation go to Michelle Dee, Kris Hough and their team for giving us the opportunity to observe our Navy and Marine aviators train at their facility.

Video – C-130 landing after sunset
Video – EA-6B Prowler departure after sunset

1 thought on “NAF El Centro February 27th”

  1. wow! At least U catch the EA6b .. Navy prowlers are getting rare…. did not see as much activities as I was there last year. But I guess we catch what we can….. those Marines Cobras and Black Knight hornets are kool! espeically the CO bird