NAS Fallon 11-12-2013 Report Part 1 VFC-13 Saints

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I am reporting my NAS Fallon Base visit. Have been a great eye opener since this time Carrier Air Wing 17  from USS Carl Vinson was there training. We also caught a number of  East Coast Squadron and Aggressors from VFC-12 Omars and VFA-204 River Rattlers .

Here are the Squadron and Aircraft type that we saw on 11-12-2013, Its a long list but I felt this is worth the bragging rights with the entire USS Carl Vinson CVN-70 airwing plus some East Coast squadron from NAS Oceana and New Orleans. Marines have a detachment of Hornets. Not to mention all the Aggressor squadron in house and visitors.

Aggressor Squadron

NSAWC ( F-16A, F-16B, F-18C, F-18A, F-18E, EF-18G, E-2C)

VFC-13 Saints ( F-5E)

VFC-12 Omars ( F-18C)

VFA-204 River Rattlers ( F-18C)

Air Wing and East Coast Squadron

VFA-25 Fist of Fleet (F-18E)

VFA-11 Red Rippers (F-18F)

VFA-131 Wildcats (F-18C)

VFA-113 Stingers (F-18C)

VFA-94 Mighty Shrikes (F-18C)

VFA-81 Sunliners (F-18E)

VFA-22 Fighting Red Cocks (F-18F)

VFA-2 Bounty Hunters (F-18F)

VAQ-136 Gauntlets (EF-18G)

VAQ-137 Rooks (EF-18G)

VAQ-116 Sun Kings ( E-2C)

VMFA-112 Silver Eagles ( F-18A++)

VFC-13 Saints


My 1st report would be the VFC-13 Saints. Base in NAS Fallon. I would like to thank PAO Zip Upham and MC1 Terry Matlock for hosting this Base visit and making this happen. Zip was so enthusiastic when we were on the ramp, bringing us where all the actions were happening. Unfortunately this time the weather was not the best but I guess we do what we can.


Flying those Ex-Swiss F-5E tiger II, one of my favorite light weight fighter design by Northrop.  It has very similar characteristics as the Russian Made MIG-21, thus this is an Aircraft that made perfect sense as an Adversary Role.

We were lucky to be able to tour all the T hangers that houses these beautiful F-5. 2 of them fit in one hanger and I manage to photograph all of them. 3 main schemes of camouflage colors we got are the 3 tone white, and grey, a 3 tone blue and a tiger striped version.  I did not catch any Brown , green camo or other CoNA bird. When we were on the hot ramp some of the F-5 taxi by us to their t hangers.  Here are the F-5 shots static and taxiing. Unfortunately, due to the weather condition we did not catch much of the F-5 flying action since they were either too far or not flying…. the Tiger Striped F5 and a grey white  suppose to power up and go but got into some problems and had to go back to the hangers.  Oh well…
Better be safe than sorry I guess.

Here are the Pictorial Actions.



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  1. It sounds like an awesome experience. Great shots! I love the tiger-stripe camo paint scheme.

  2. Yes, it was a great experience… in 6 hrs in the base its constant action till we left…. and we still spot off base shooting some landing aircraft but again fighting those lighting is a constant war… The tiger Stripped F-5 seems to be my favourite too.. at about noon, she powered up and sat out in the tarmac with the grey Number 10, than drove back to her hanger….. was hoping for some action that did not happen. DAveC

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