NAS Fallon 2-2018

NAWDC hot ramp

Naval Air Station Fallon is US Navy’s premier tactical air warfare center specializing in Air to Air and Air to ground training. Due to the vast size of the nearby ranges, 80% of all Navy munitions dropped in training is done in NAS Fallon. This is also the only Navy airbase that could house an entire Carrier airwing at one time for training.

Current Units base in NAS Fallon

  • Naval Aviation Warfighting Development Center ( NAWDC )
  • Fighter Squadron composite 13 ( VFC-13) Fighting Saints
  • Strike Fighter Wing Pacific Detachment ( SFWPD )
  • Fleet Readiness Center West Detachment Fallon
  • Naval Munitions Command West-Detachment Fallon
  • Naval Aviation forecasting Component (NAFCOMP)
  • Naval Criminal Investigative Service ( NCIS)
  • Explosive Ordnance Disposal EOD Detachement

From our focus on Naval Aviation, we will be focusing on NAWDC and VFC-13


NAWDC took over the role from the earlier Naval Strike and Air warfare Center ( NSAWC ) in 2015.

Currently they provide Service to aircrews, squadrons and airwing support through flight training, acadamic instructional classes, and direct operational and intelligence support. This include the famous Topgun,  (SEAWOLF) rotary wing school, Electronic warfare school, Growler Weapon School HAVOC and Carrier Airborne Early Warning school. NAWDC houses 2870+ military personnel and about 250 civilian and contractors. The current fleet  for NAWDC houses 54 aircrafts which include Legacy Hornet F/A-18 A/B/C/D, Superhornet F/A-18 E/F, E-2C Hawkeye, MH-60S helicopter, F-16 A/B, F-5n and E/A-18G. For our visit we get to photograph the hotramp for NAWDC and End of runway shots on NAWDC aircraft doing their routine training.

NAWDC Aircraft on base
Bord # Serial #
Aircraft Type
45 163950 F-18C
44 164033 F-18C
164691 F-18C
30 164278 F-18C
30 162840 F-18A Desert
24 164277 F-18C Blue
23 164686 F-18C
27 164661 F-18C
40 163987 F-18C
115 166904 F-18E
100 163796 F-18F
111 166787 F-18E
105 165807 F-18F
106 165885 F-18F
500 168932 E/A-18G
502 168900 E/A-18G
600 164112 E-2C
601 164355 E-2C
61 920410 F-16A Blue Camo
05 920459 F-16B desert
56 900947 F-16A Blue Camo
52 920408 F-16A desert
53 900944 F-16A desert
04 920458 F-16B Blue splinter
72 167828 MH-60
71 167838 MH-60
167865 MH-60

Hotramp Shots

NAWDC Flight line and End of Runway (EOR)

VFC-13 ” Fighting Saints”

VFC-13 provides Adversary training for Carrier Airwing, fighter and attack squadrons, USAF and other allied forces.

When we were on base , VFC-13 Fighting Saints did not fly , so we were only presented with Static and Hanger shots. VFC-13 flies the a mixed bag of 23 F-5E, F-5F and Ex-Swiss F-5N Tiger II painted in very colorful camouflage scheme that simulate our Adversary fighters. They wear Eastern bloc style Bord numbers with distinct variety of colorful adversary schemes of blue, gray, yellow splinter, black, brown camouflage. From this visit I have a list of jets by serial number that we photograph.

VFC-13 aircraft on base

Bord #
Camouflage type
02 761536 yellow splinter
04 761544 tiger camo
10 761534 white grey
07 761545 brown desert
06 761528 white grey
12 761568 white grey
13 761578 Black ( MIG28 )
14 761535 white grey ( grey nose)
20 761580 black F model

Tiger Camouflage scheme (76-1544)

White Grey Camouflage Scheme

Gloss Black ( Top Gun MIG-28 scheme)
Yellow Splinter Camouflage Scheme
Desert Brown Camouflage scheme
Other Navy Aircraft
Article by Dave Chng