NAS Fallon Base Visit- Preliminary Report

We got a great opportunity to visit the NSAWC base NAS Fallon.  Thanks to PAO Zip Upham for his hospitality. Myself and Steve Gurley get to go on this trip .

I will have an update and full report of our visit since I need to get my writeup and 2500 pics and X number of Videos shot that needs to be post process.

More to come.. here are the teasers



4 thoughts on “NAS Fallon Base Visit- Preliminary Report”

  1. Very nice shots! Love to see those Navy F-16’s. I am looking forward to your write up. It looks like you guys had a great time!

  2. tks Steve.. yes we did… a total blast my man! it was constant flying since 0730hrs… and after we finish the inbase visit, we went off base spotting till 4:30pm. we did not find an ideal place to spot but we did get those jets turning base to final for the runway.

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