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The Naval Strike and Air Warfare Center (NSAWC, pronounced “EN-SOCK”) at Naval Air Station Fallon located in the city of Fallon in western Nevada is the center of excellence for naval aviation training and tactics development. NSAWC provides service to aircrews, squadrons and air wings throughout the United States Navy through flight training, academic instructional classes, and direct operational and intelligence support. The Call sign for NSAWC’s aircraft have been observed and we all love it…… TOPGUN.

We spent most of our time on the NSAWC ramp and tower. also get to go through the Hangers of NSAWC. The aircraft type that we saw ranges from F/A-18E, EF-18G,F-18C, F-16A Blk 15 OCU, F-16B , E-2C and SH-60 Seahawk. From my research all the F-16 were Ex-Pakaistan aircraft that have low hours.  Thanks to the Adversary Squadrons, the F-16 were painted in very kool camo like the Blue Splinter, desert camo and also the regular blue camo bird.  A few of the F-18C were in the old Blue Fighting Omar’s colors.  The rest of them were painted in the regular TPS scheme but with the Topgun fin flash.  We were lucky to catch one of the F_16B in Splinter with the Centennial logo on the jets.  Aircraft were very weathered and some have the blue paint peeling off those airframe.  most un

NSAWC Hot ramp Shots.

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Bird Eye View of NSAWC

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  1. Just like the movie huh bud. Probably prety cool to be up on the tower and have the TOP GUN jets buzz yall.

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