NAS Fallon report 4-2016

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NAS Fallon (KNFL) about 70 miles east of Reno NV houses the Naval Strike Air Warfare Center (NSAWC) which is currently being change to Naval Air Warfare Development Center NAWDC. This mighty warfare center consists of Naval Strike Warfare Center (NSWC), the Naval Fighter Weapon School (Top Gun) and the Carrier Airborne Early Warning Weapons School (CAEWWS)




















NAS Fallon Airport Diagram shows 2 parallel runway which is the main runway being use for the training. This April visit to NAS Fallon was greeted with perfect 70 degree morning and a slight breeze of 10 knots wind. Aircraft was launching and recovery from 31L and 31R.







NAS Fallon houses the aggressor Squadron VFC-13 Saints flying the Swiss Made F-5N painted in the ever beautiful Camouflage schemes. While we were on base we mainly caught VFC-13 F-5 in the following camouflage schemes

  • 3 tone grey camouflage
  • yellow splinter camo ( flying banana as some locals call them)
  • Tiger Camo.







NSAWC aircrafts

  • EF-18G Growlers
  • F-18E, F-18F Super hornet
  • F-18C Hornet
  • F-16A, F-16B
  • MH-60 and E-2C

The following Units was observed when we visited the base.

LOGO VF-102 VFA-94_insignia 2000px-Felix_VF-31_logo.svg VFA-137_Official_Logo Vaq-136 gaunlet LOGO VF-11 VFA-106_insignia










  • VFA-106 F-18D, F-18E, F-18F Gladiators, NAS Oceana.
  • VFA-102 F-18F, Diamondbacks from CVW-5 NAF Atsugi
  • VFA-11 F-18F, Red Rippers , NAS Oceana
  • VFA-31 F-18E,Tomcatters, NAS Oceana
  • VFA-95 F-18E, Mighty Shrikes , NAS Oceana
  • VFA-137 F-18E, Kestrels, NAS Lemoore
  • VAQ-136 EF-18G, Gauntlets, NAS Whidbey Island

During the visit we did get a lot of supporting equipment like the ACIM pods, AIM-9M training rounds which I will further show some of our findings

I would to thank PAO of NAS Fallon Zip Upham for accommodating Airwingspotter for this visit.

Article by Dave Chng


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