NAS Ft worth 10-19-2013

This Saturday have been a perfect weekend… bright sunshine and in the 60degree .. nice northerly breeze and all runway active on 35.  have an Airshow in KAFW Alliance and also plan on meeting a friend from Switzerland Yannick.  Made the long drive to JRB and metup with Yannick by Walmart parking lot.  Lighting 11 came in to land .. a F-35A in EG tailcode with a new F-16 spotter that I never seen.. Must be a new spotter from LMT. F35A did a touch and go .


also caught a glimpse of Jordanian twin engine gunshop taking off from Meachem and circling NAS Ft worth… he was kind of far.. got a small pix of it but not presentable.

we proceed over to the loop and was presented with a VR-40 coming in to land…. from the radio chat they just return from Bahrain. Another F35A maiden flight came on at about 1600 hrs. Landed an hour later…. Bryan Steven showed up by 5pm ready for the landing shot of the F35A.

Overall , a great day spotting and hangout with Yannick and Bryan. Wish I could also swing by Alliance but I guess we can;t have it all..

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2 thoughts on “NAS Ft worth 10-19-2013”

  1. Nice day at NAS JRB. The Lockheed Chase 137 has been around for at least two years and is flying a lot lately. Ive caught all four of their chase planes flying within the last 2 weeks. Nice shot of him though!

  2. Oh! thanks bro did not know that… I always catch the other 2 with the LMT markings…. lately there is this 137 and also the Luke AFB F16…. caught him doing AB…. taking off… pretty kool..

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