NAS Ft worth 11-24-2014

Its a great spotting day in NAS Ft worth. Winds was constant from the North but JRB using runway 18. Do not know why???  By the time I get to the Spotting area, Rocket 11 and 12 was reporting a runway 18 departure ( An Iraqi F-16C Blk 52 and 2 seater LMT F-16D spotter.)  This is followed by Lightning 11 Luke F-35A. I was not ready for those jets when they were taking off and since I am using my new Tamron 150-600mm lens, most of the shots was not really that good since I am still getting use to the weight and handling. Ranger 31 took off and this is my 1st catch on those new C-130J for our local squadron.

I proceeded to the north end hoping to catch them coming back to land. SPads and Mustang callsign came alive at about 1430hrs whereby 6 Spads F-16 took off. Manage to catch all of them on the landing pattern and catch some great banking shots of the F-16C from the Spads. Plus Cowboy 11 coming in for landing.

There was a C40 on the pattern doing multiple touch and goes.

Lockheed Martin Traffic…

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Our Local Boys hard at work…. VMFA-112 Cowboys , Spads and Marines C-130J

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