NAS Ft Worth 2013-5 Aircraft Spotting

I spotted in JRB twice this month….. I always enjoyed shooting JRB when 34 is active…. so on one day I get the southerly wind of active 17 and the other a perfect 34 runway with the north wind.

5-4 we got a good northerly winds and was met with KC-135 coming in to land.  Later on we got lots of C-130 activities .. one being a transient traffic from Pittsburg. We pretty much get Spads doing their AB take offs , came back after an hour and doing low key options.

It was all Spads for the month of May…. Met Steve and Bryan on 5-20 and I had a bad fall since the wind was gusting like 18 mph . They blew me off my ladder.  Manage to take a tandem Spads landing even though I was hurting real bad.

nas ft worth 2013-5