Nas Ft worth 3-29-14

A great Sat morning on 3-29. Little Bird told me about 4 VFA-14 Tophatters F18E in the base  and 5 CH 53 . Alliance having 6 VFA-25 FIst of the Fleet F-18E.  Manage  to get “special Permission” to get a off day pass from my lovely wife for such a day.

JRB was bustling with activities when I was driving on 820. Metup with my Oklahoma buddies Steve Kemper and Scott Meek by the taco Stand. but I have already miss the CH53 taking off. We were driving back on Lockheed martin Blvd when a sound of 2 F404 engine get me to stop and shoot a Sharpshooter F-18D taking off… Manage to climb up my truck’s top and shoot the Jet.

The later afternoon was more of a waiting game for the 4 VFA-14 jet to come out.., They finally did and was taxi out at about 2:30. right on the dot each aircraft took off with the CAG doing the 1st Afterburner run.

We did catch some T38C doing ILS approaches , C12 coming in on Options and also a single Jordanian gunship flying above. NO Spads,cowboys, KC130 or local traffic.


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  1. I never thought much on the Tophatters! now seeing the CAG in person.. I like them a lot.. hopfully we can catch more of them…. Call sign CAmelot!!

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