NAS Ft worth and Alliance Airport Ft worth 4-30-2016

Spotting day on 4-30-2016

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Weather was quite gloomy with lots of clouds in the morning and we got a good north wind meaning runway 34 or 36 on both airports.  I started by checking out KAFW Ft Worth Alliance and got a greeting of 2x F-15C from 122FS Bayou Militia on the tarmac. Also there were 2x T6 Texan II trainer from Vance AFB and Sheppard AFB. We got some of the static shots on the hot ramp.

Heading over to NAS Ft worth and it was close to no actions . With 301stFW deployed in the sand box, we did not get much flying for the weekend and only a single T45C from Kingsville NAS came rolling out for a runway 36 takeoff.

Coming back to KAFW……… I was greeted with the same T45C on the hot ramp and got some great Navy actions of the pilots suiting up and preparing the flight after fueling.

How about some Eagle actions!…….. The 2x F-15C dust off at about 1330hrs …. Hot ramp actions was great but getting the 2x F-100 PW engine rolling in full Afterburner was spectacular.

Let these pictures tells the story.

HOT RAMP actions!

F-15C 122nd FS taxi to Runway 34R KAFW

Article and Pictures by

Dave Chng