NAS Ft worth Fall Actions!

Our local base NAS Ft worth KNFW been the icon for us North Texans in military aircrafts… Here are some of the actions we get for the past months.

US Marines VMFA-224 Bengals. They were on TDY in MCAS Miramar and heading home to MCAS Beaufort. Nowadays they fly a combination of F/A-18 C and D models. As you can see below they came in a 4 ship formation and did a Carrier break for runway 36

Here are some of the landing shots . In the mixed formation we actually get a loan aircraft from checkerboards. Semper Fi

Some of the local traffic on that day include Lockheed Martin F-16 blk 60 test aircraft as Callsign rocket 31. These are Speicalized block made for the UAE .

The final moment for our 457th FS “Spads” in the twin stick F-16D and our local C130 units

Overall a great afternoon catching some awesome catches at the base.

Article by Dave Chng