NAS Ft worth JRB 9-23/24 weekend

Fall is officially starting with State Fair of Texas starting this Fri. Last Sat and Sun was pretty good for Aviation spotting in NAS Ft worth JRB ( KNFW ) 457th FS was out on deployment in Oregon doing DACT training and coming home from deployment. We caught 7 of the 8 F-16 that was deployed for the TDY.

They came in 2 formation doing a tac initial and than landing on runway 18.  Welcome home Spads. Also on the grapevine was supporting crews and equipment will be coming back from Oregon by 3 heavies by C-17 transports. We did see them takeoff from Klamath Falls in ADSB. the 1st two C17A was from March AFB ( Callsign Slam ) 2nd C17 was from McChord AFB callsign  Danda and 3rd being a C17 callsign Prime.

The local NOTAM also indicated a Parachute training at 1400 to 1500hrs which we got Roper 6-2 from our local TX ANG C-130H units flying some parachute drop Exercise. He did 3 passes 2 low and 1 high for the Paratroopers.

We also checkout Alliance Airport KAFW and all we got were some trainers from Laughlin, Sheppard, Vance and Randolph AFB T-38 and a single T-6 Texan II from the US Navy. A few of the T-38 did fly off when we were there and thus get us some hot ramp actions.

On Sunday I was trying to catch those C17 leaving but lucked out with the EA-18G growler from VAQ-138 Yellow Jackets from NAS Whidbey Island. Callsign Rampage , he requested for unrestricted take off for runway 18, came in low in Afterburner and pull up high after the tower and did a inverted loop and flew towards the East. One “grand” departure !

Overall and satisfactory weekend with quite a bid of actions . We have other shots listed below for your enjoyment.

Photograph and written by

Dave Chng