NAS Ft worth JRB Drill weekend 4-2-2016







301st FW conduct their drill weekend and this faithful Saturday started with a visit to the local Ft Worth Alliance Airport KAFW. The morning was quiet on the tarmac but there sits 3x VMFA-112 Cowboys F-18A++ and a Single VFA-122 F-18E.


KNFW started in the morning with 14x F-16C from 301st FW going up with 2x F-18C and F18D from VMFT-101 Sharpshooter for the morning sortie. With a good north wind all took off from Runway 36 and came back right at about 12 noon. One of the 2 ship Spads came back spotting a Makos 93rd FS FM tail code F-16 ( base in Homestead AFB FL)  drill with the 301st FW.

This was followed by 3x F-16C from Hill AFB came into base for gas and go. The best thing about these Hill jets were each aircraft came from each squadron representing  4th Fighter Squadron (4 FS) “Fighting Fuujins“, 421st Fighter Squadron (421 FS) ” Black Widows and 34th Fighter Squadron ” Rude Rams.  Caught one of the Fighting Fuujins jet with a F-86 style carrying pod which was quite unique. These pods must be left over remnants  from the F-16 Viper West demo team.

Afternoon Drill came out with about 8x Spads ( including the single 93rd FS FM tail code). Spads did a great show on their return with low key and high key options. while this was going on , the Hill F16 went up at about 2pm and we got a few visitors of T-38C from Tyndall and Vance AFB.

Article and Pictures by Dave Chng