NAS Ft Worth (KNFW ) and Alliance KAFW , 10-18-2014

10-18-2014… A great Saturday in this Fall North Dallas Weather….. A nice breeze at 70 to 75 degree F when I reach KAFW to meet a good friend of mine. Wind was spot on at N direction and active runway at 35 for all DFW area traffic. We spot 17 + T-38C mixed from Vance AFB and  Sheppard AFB. Also a few T6 from Randolph AFB.  With only trainers and no activites. we decided to head over to JRB. As we approach NAS Ft worth the radio was buzzing with radio chatter with Cowboy VMFA-112 coming in to land. I manage to stop my vehicle by the dirt road and catch the hornet coming in for runway 35. This was followed by F-35B Lightning 3-1 going out to play . My 1st Warlords VMFAT-501 F-35B… He back taxi on the runway and did a SVTOL takeoff. it was the most spectacular view I ever seen which makes the Harrier looks like a Helicopter.The F35B was tearing up the runway doing options and short take off and landings.  As this was happening a visitor from NAS Wibley Island.. EF_18G from Star Warriors VAQ 209 pulled out of the base. The growler took off and came back after an hour.  I proceed to another spot to shoot the F35B on the landing pattern and also caught another Cowboys F-18A coming in to land.

Afternoon Radio chatter consists of Rocket 3-1 ( Omani F-16C Blk 50 ) coming out to play but she had to cancel her flight due to sensor problems. Finally 3 more F-18A++ from VMFA112 came out and took off . 2 flew to Birmingham AL and one would return to KAFW. Marine security unit also came out with their M16 and Armored Humvee.

Afternoon in JRB was dead with no traffic.

That makes us scoot over to KAFW for the Cowboy 3-1 arrivals. He came in to land at about 1730hrs .

Overall a great spotting day for a Sat. spend good time with Joe ( from Houston ) and my good friend from Switzerland.

( pictures and article by Dave Chng)


 Lockheed Martin F-35B from Warlords

VAQ-209 Star Warriors Growler

VMFA-112 Cowboys!

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