NAS Ft worth (KNFW) Spring 2018

Tribute to our local units in NAS Ft worth, JRB (KNFW)

This article is specially dedicated to our men and women manning the stations at KNFW Joint reserve Base. We will be presenting a Photographic perspective of each individual units.

301st Fighter Wing ( FW )  ” Spads”

They carry the callsign ” Mustang, Beast and Spads ” flying the very unique Small mouth GE motor F-16C Blk 30 .This is also part of the 301st Operation Group ( OG) which consists of 457th Fighter Squadron ( FS ) and 301st Fighter Group which flies the F-22A in Tyndall AFB. “Spads” can be seen flying training mission almost twice a day doing both Air to Air and Air to ground missions.

US Marine Corp VMFA-112 Cowboys

VMFA-112 ” Cowboys” is a reserved squadron flying the F/A-18A++ and F/A-18B Legacy hornet fighter jet. With the age of the F/A-18A the marines are flying, VMFA-112 recently got several B model Hornet to beef up the squadron operational jets.

Marine Aerial Refueler Transport Squadron 234 (VMGR-234)

VMGR-234 also known as ” Ranger” is a reserve United States Marine Corps KC-130J squadron based out in KNFW.  Since last year Ranger got a new colorbird that spot the Texas lone star on her Subdued tail.

136th Airlift Wing Texas Air National Guard

KNFW also house the Texas Air National Guard flying the C-130H known as the ” Ropers”.

Pictures taken from Jan to May 2018

Article by Dave Chng