NAS JRB 11/1

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What a great day spotting!! Great weather and lots of action. About 30 mins after i got there 2 F35s came in together with the chase plane. First time ive seen 2 F35s go up together with the chase. Shortly after we had a C17 from Mcchord come in, ended up havving 4 C17s from Mcchord come in.  2 are staying overnight, 1 left and im not sure about the 4th. A couple of them requesting a 175,000 pounds of fuel, thats a lot of fuel!!! Makes me wonder if they were coming in from overseas. Had an F35C taxi out with its wings up, pretty cool to see that. the first time ive had the opportunity to shoot a C model. He did several touch and goes and low passes. When the C model does a touch and go you can hear the intake sucking in air, makes a completley different whine the the A and B model, wicked sounding! Had a total of 5 F35s, including 2 C modelscome out to play. Hopefully tomorrow will be just as busy. The SPADS flew but only 5 of them, i heard later on that 14 took of yesterday. Guess they went on deployment earlier then anticipated, if so good luck guys. We will be here waiting for you when you get back. Enjoy the pics, they arnt the best. I was playing around with different modes(TV, AV,Manual, P) all day to see what produces the best pics, i still dont have an answer. I think i just need photoshop, lol.

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  1. wow .. great catch for the Fri Bryan…. those F35 shots was great! good lighting…. no haze… C17 is killer too… bud. yes! in the digital world post processing is always one of the critical steps ….

  2. Thnaks guys! Thats the first time ive had the chance to catch some C17s up close. Thats a big beast!

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