NAS JRB 2/26 & 2/27

Been pretty active lately. Despite freezing my ass off yesterday, caught a couple F35s, an transient Mako F16 and numerous Spads(but ive posted tons of them). Caught another F35 AF11-5034 and the second Omani F16, number 831. Only goy a couple good shots of him as i just jumped out of the truck as he broke up right in front of me. The AF 11-5035 is the maiden flight. Enjoy! Ohh and not to forget the Cowboys F18s.


AF 5027 F35(2) AF 5027 f35(3) AF 5027 F35 IMG_9416 IMG_9419 IMG_9503 IMG_9738 IMG_9756 IMG_9767 IMG_9835_1 IMG_9851 MAKO 2 MAKO 3 MAKO



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