NAS JRB 9/9/13

Was slow day today but what did get up was good. Managed to catch 2 F35s and an egyptian viper. The second F35 was being delivered to Eglin. Farewell EG 5016, come back and see us sometime, lol. And the CAT bird got up and headed off to Eglin to. Eglin had a busy day, lol, wonder where we can find pics of over there. Heres what i did catch. Sadly not to many good shots today, either i suck worse then i thought or im gonna blame it on the new camera and conditions.

NAS JRB 9/9/13

7 thoughts on “NAS JRB 9/9/13”

  1. HEH BUD… Not too slow to catch 2 F35 in a day… plus the Egyptian F-16.. ain’t bad…. U did good.. so 5016 is the aircraft they deliver today??
    Need to get my AS_ over to JRB soon! I am getting a jet withdrawal….

    not too shabby given the shooting conditions…. I blame on the camera! LOL!

  2. Yepper, 5016 is off to Eglin. Was a good day, i cant bitch. Get over there soon buddy, bet your having an F35 withdrawal. I know i was until today, been over a month since i caught the last one. Ohh we did have a little civilian mooney come in and stay for about 30 mins then head out to Cypress, Tx. Didnt think they would allow civilian aircraft to land at the base??? The only thing we could think of is that is a retired military pilot or something.

  3. Ohh and for such a big bird, the CAT bird is pretty sneaky. It was about 2 maybe 2 1/2 hours since the morning flights came in. Nothing was going on, me and Steve were about to fall asleep under the shade tree when the CATbird called in and said that he was taxing out to runway 17. We both jumped up and wondering what the hell was going on, we heard nothing up until that. He called clearance at 11:30, almost 3 hours before that!!!

  4. oh dear…. gave you guys quite a heads start.. 3 hours har har! LOL!

    But I am glad you get to catch her taking off.. sure wish it was 34 runway! I am ready for some north wind action! never like the 17 runway approach!

  5. I agree on some of the shots .. Its a bit soft.. I bet you it is the 100-400 lens you got ! maybe need to be recalibrated.. My copy of 100-400 focues soft beyond 320mm ….. so anything under is nice but more than that just a soft focus. not on the SIgma 120-400 I got.