NAS JRB Fort Worth 9.10.13

Lockheed F16 JJ12 9762 NASJRB

Well, another pretty good day at NAS JRB. I managed to time it out pretty good today and caught both of the birds Lockheed put up before I headed back north around 3:30. The Gypsy Viper ( JJ12 – 9762) was making its own weather on

a few passes today which was a pleasant site to see! The Dutch JSF F-002 made a solo appearance this after noon.

Lockheed F16 JJ12 9762 NASJRB _2

Lockheed F-002 JSF NASJRB _1

Lockheed F-002 JSF NASJRB




4 thoughts on “NAS JRB Fort Worth 9.10.13”

  1. looks like U lucked out again with the Egyptian F16… hmm! I thought the Dutch F-002 F35A is in storage with F-001 in Eglin since they kind of wanted to think about ordering more F35…. good to see her flyin again though…. maybe the only 2 F35A we ever gonna see.

  2. Nice shots buds! Did the F35 turn up on you? Glad to see them flying them like fighter jets some.

  3. Yeah Bryan, I’m not sure if he was correcting or just trying to keep his tail hidden but he did turn up a little… Ill blame that on the other guy out there taking pictures of him!

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