NAS JRB Fort Worth 9.10.13

Lockheed F16 JJ12 9762 NASJRB

Well, another pretty good day at NAS JRB. I managed to time it out pretty good today and caught both of the birds Lockheed put up before I headed back north around 3:30. The Gypsy Viper ( JJ12 – 9762) was making its own weather on

a few passes today which was a pleasant site to see! The Dutch JSF F-002 made a solo appearance this after noon.

Lockheed F16 JJ12 9762 NASJRB _2

Lockheed F-002 JSF NASJRB _1

Lockheed F-002 JSF NASJRB




4 thoughts on “NAS JRB Fort Worth 9.10.13”

  1. looks like U lucked out again with the Egyptian F16… hmm! I thought the Dutch F-002 F35A is in storage with F-001 in Eglin since they kind of wanted to think about ordering more F35…. good to see her flyin again though…. maybe the only 2 F35A we ever gonna see.

  2. Yeah Bryan, I’m not sure if he was correcting or just trying to keep his tail hidden but he did turn up a little… Ill blame that on the other guy out there taking pictures of him!