NAS JRB Fort Worth 9.21.13

Lockheed 168732 F35 NASJRB_1

Great day out at NAS JRB Fort Worth on Saturday afternoon. Always a good day when you catch a primer green 35. And I am sucker for after burner shots so just disregard if you get tired of seeing them! Had a great time out there Saturday with Dave, Sung and Seb. Hopefully this week will produce some cool opportunities.

Lockheed 168732 F35 NASJRB Lockheed 168732 F35 NASJRB_2 Lockheed VK13 168731 F35B NASJRB Lockheed VK13 168731 F35B NASJRB_1 Lockheed 848 F16 NASJRB_1 Lockheed 848 F16 NASJRB

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    1. When I click on the images and they get large, they look pretty good. Only issue Im seeing is looking at the pics on a cell phone the picture wont stay on the phone. It continues to track down the page. I don’t know if im technical enough to resize and all of that… may need a lesson! lol