NAS JRB Fort Worth / KAFW / KFTW 9.23.13

Lockheed 115026 F35 NASJRB_1

Very neat day today.  Just after lunch caught the Aramco (Saudi Arabia Oil Company) B762 departing from Meacham Field. Ran over to NAS JRB Fort Worth and caught the Maiden Voyage of AF115026 F-35A from Lockheed. Headed back north and lucked into “Fifi” with Phil’s help. “Fifi” is the world’s only flying B-29. Great day!

Lockheed 115026 F35 NASJRB

Lockheed 115026 F35 NASJRB_2

B29 FiFi AFW Saudi Arabia Oil Company ARAMCO 767 Meacham

1 thought on “NAS JRB Fort Worth / KAFW / KFTW 9.23.13”

  1. Very cool I haven’t seen fifi fly in many years
    I did see her last year at Wiley Post AP OKC on the ground very cold day
    Can’t wait to see an F-35 Fly

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