Its been picking up down at the base. Its amazing what a runway with no ice on it helps the traffic, lol. With the warmer weather theres been a lot more flyin going on. Caught My first 2 A10s today. Those are pretty cool. Along with a C130 doing touch n goes and the local Cowboys. IMG_7695_filtered IMG_7705_filtered IMG_7722_filtered IMG_7739_filtered IMG_7762_filtered IMG_7930_filtered IMG_7999_filtered IMG_8076_filtered IMG_8125_filtered IMG_8172_filtered

4 thoughts on “NAS JRB LATELY.”

  1. Thanks Dave! Are the pics coming out to dark? On my computer at work they are darker then when i PP them at the house on my laptop. Just wondering what everybody else is seeing.

  2. It seems that the aircraft activity is picking up. Some nice catches. Interesting thing about those Barksdale A-10’s. The are stationed out of DM but still retain there Barksdale markings. This is because they are being used as test birds for the AFRC. The testing is considered a joint effort between DM AFB and Barksdale AFB.