NAS Pt Mugu …. July 2015


Naval Base Ventura County  (NBVC) is what use to be call NAS Pt Mugu.  NBVC operates 2 runways and encompasses a 36,000 square mile sea test range. The range allows the military to test and track weapons systems in restricted air- and sea-space without encroaching on civilian air traffic or shipping lanes.

This is the spotting area for NBVC Pt Mugu.

2015-07-01 12.10.05

Currently house the following active squadrons :

caw112 caw113 caw116 caw117






All units flying the E-2C hawkeye or the E-2C Hawkeye 2000












VX-30 known as the “bloodhounds” is a test and evaluation squadron using tailcode BH curently flies the only S-3B Viking Antisubmarine warfare aircraft in the Navy. They also flies P-3C and KP-3D and C-130.

146th_Airlift_Wing california ang





This base is also known to have activities from ATAC which flies the Hawker Hunter , Kfir F-21 and L39

I got to meetup with my fellow spotter Gene and Brandon Moffit on the South end of Runway 3 by the Pt Mugu Missile Park. They house quite bit of AAM and AGM missile and also spot an F-14A and a F-4S. Spotting was great for landing on RUnway 03 and take off is marginal due to the heat waves from the Southern California humidity.

Pt Mugu Missile Park

In the morning I get multiple C-130J and Marine KC-130 taking off. This was followed by KP-3D from VX-30 taking off. At one point a single Navy Drone was spotted on midfield and flying towards the sea. The actions came after lunch when VX-30’s S-3B came out to play and recovery of those ANG C-130J. More recovery came in about 2 to 3pm with the VX-30 , E-2C from VAW-117 and P-3C from VP-69 from NAS Whibley Island.

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