NASA Fighters!

We would like to take a closer look at NASA’s use of military fighters and her supporting aircraft’s.

1st and foremost we have the Boeing F/A-18 being use by NASA. These are early F/A-18A and B Legacy Hornets. These were use by NASA for Supersonic test. The F-18 also did a test carrying experimental pod that houses a test radar to simulate Mars Science Laboratory radar. These F-18 were caught in KEFD Ellington Field doing further Supersonic flights in the gulf of Mexico.

F/A-18B NASA on the launch

T-38A Talon was use primarily as flight training, pilot proficiency and Mission Suppor. This platform have been heavily use by NASA because of the lower operating cost.

T-38A NASA on the hot ramp KEFD

NASA Johnson SPace center in Houston TX is home of the WB-57 High Altitude Research Prorgam. 3 fully operational WB-57 CAnberra is based out of Ellington Field KEFD.

WB-57 taxi in from landing

Super Guppy having her unique look also based out of Ellington Field carries NASA’s freighting and transport of unique and sometimes bulky shaped items. I have personally witness Super Guppy loading of T-38 in her cargo area for transports.

NASA Superguppy and T-38A

More Pictures below shows up the aircraft type we normally see in Texas Region.

Article By DAve Chng

Pictures by Bill Havel and Dave Chng