National Naval Aviation Museum , Pensacola FL

National Naval Aviation Museum

NAS Pensacola , FL

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We make this pilgrimage to Pensacola FL  during Christmas time 2016. Currently the Museum is located inside the NAS Pensacola whereby you can enter with a Pass from the west Gate. They now have 2 Hangers exhibiting our Naval Aviation Heritage of the US Navy and Marines. Hanger 1 showcase the beginning to early cold war era. These include all the Naval bi plane, seaplane, WW2 Fighters, dive bombers and all the way to early jets of the 1950s. Hanger 2 debut all the new and current jets.

Hanger 1

The main hanger sits behind a VF-41 Black Aces F-14A . This use to be the only hanger for the Museum which showcase the beginning  of Naval Aviation through the early Cold war era.  We also have the entire NAS Cubi Point Officer’s Mess decoration move here to this Museum showcasing the US Pacific Fleet West Pac displays and plaques.

Early Naval Aviation Displays

NAS Cubi Point Officer’s Mess showcasing the entire displays and plaques. This is the entire heritage of Naval Aviation Pacific Fleet West Pac Heritage with each unit and crews that was on the cruise during the 1960s to the early 1990s. The Officer mess’s entire collection was move over to the Museum when we close NAS Cubi Point base back in 1992.  Currently this is a Cafe that you can wine and dine while enjoying the US Navy Naval Aviation Heritage.

This Hanger also houses the best Models I have seen showcasing WW2 to Modern carriers

Hanger 2 ( The Modern Era)

This is a newly constructed Hanger that houses our new jets and Helicopters of the modern era. We talking F-4 Phantom to Tomcats and more. also fully functional cockpits are available for us to get in and interact including F-14, F4, S3 and F8 cockpits.

Article and Pictures by

Dave Chng