New British F-35B and Iraqi F-16IQ

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Nov 21st 2016

KNFW ( Nas Ft Worth) We caught 2 seperate testing of the British F-35B designated BK-08 . She did a 1430hrs launch with Lockheed   Martin F-16C Chaser. Callsign Strike 2-1 and 2-2 respectively. SVTOL Take off from runway 18 and came back in an hour doing hover testing.

Strike 2-1 F-35B Royal Navy/ Air Force
Rocket 2-1 F-16IQ Iraqi Air Force

This Iraqi F-16IQ went up on 2 sortie of testing. On her return she did pop her drag chute which we did not have a chance to catch that since we have a south wind that day and runway 18 was used.

Local traffic from 355th FS ” Spads ” and visiting T-38C

Article and Pictures by

Dave Chng