October 2020 Spotting in KNFW and KAFW

October Fest sure come fast for 2020. We sure have a lot of actions in terms of Military Aircraft movements, Hurricane Evacuations in addition to our local units and Lockheed Martin traffic. Overall it has been a very busy October given all the visitors and also the 2 major airshow in Ft worth and Houston. So here we go …… ENJOY!

  1. Raptors visiting KNFW for the WIngs over Houston Airshow. They stage at KNFW and both jets have to be flown over to Ellington Field

2. Hurricane Evacuation and we KNFW is hosting both the F-15C 159th FW and VFA-204 RIver Rattlers from NAS New Orleans. Just too bad I miss those JZ F-15C and here are the “Adversary” VFA-204

3. Oregon ANG F-15C 142nd FW Red Hawks was in town training with our loccl boys and also doing the Teas Motor speedway fly by….. overall…..Eagle visitors to JRB is always a good day.

4. Arkansas 189th Airlift Wing “Anniversary bird” pay us a visit with the special schemed C-130J. They came in on runway 36 in JRB landed in twos, back taxi and took off again.

5. VMFA-232 Red Devils visiting KAFW for gas …. very rare do we get these MCAS Miramar based F-18 not to say we got both the C and a D model Legacy Hornet. Semper Fi

6. NASA T-38A comes to KAFW very often doing touch and go and somtimes stop for gas….here are some we caught coming in….

7. Navy VX-30 Bloodhounds visit from Point Mugu, CA.

8. Not to mention our local units including 301st FW, VMFA-112 Cowboys, ATAC flying their Mirage F-1.

Article by Dave Chng

Photographs by Dave Chng