Oklahoma Aerospace America 1990 June 17th

Its been a while back since we got a real Airshow in Oklahoma City when Airshow Director Tom Jones flew his SU-26 Aerobatics and crash into the ground. I was there to witness this unfortunate event  on this Summer Day June 17 1990. Its the 2nd day of Aerospace America and we have quite a good presence of military Aircrafts.  F-4s from VMFA-112 Cowboys, RF-4C, Hollomon F-15C, C-5A, A-10 , P3, F-111F, F-16, A-7D, B1, B-52, E3…. but all of us came to see the 2 Russian SU-27 and a SU27UB…. this is supported by AN -225 and Karmov -27 helicopter. Here are some of the action photos of this memento day whereby we get to see real Russian SU27 flying . We suppose to get the SU27 cobra slide but was cancel because of the crash. Thus we got formation flights of A-7D, AN225 and the SU-27 to commemorate the loss of that day.

VIdeos of the Russian AN-225. Funny thing was that they parked a C5 behind the AN225 .. kind of dwarf the C5 Galaxy we got.