PLAAF Aviation Museum 2016

中国航空博物馆- 2016

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This is an update for the People’s Liberation Army Air Force PLAAF Museum in the outskirt of Beijing China by Datung Shan. This facility is huge and in the past have a tunnel in the mountain that houses an assortment of aircraft exhibit. With so much improvements, this will give us an up to date visit since I was there back in 2007.

New Museum Hall showing off the current PLAAF fighters and missiles.

  • H6 Xian Bomber

J-10 Chengdu Fighter

  • JH-7 Fighter Bomber Flying Leopard
  • J-8 Finback fighter
  • Air launch Missile Display
  • J-5 / MIG-19 variants
  • MIG-21MF and other J7 variants
  • MIG-17 and MIG15 variants

Other Variants and Anti Aircraft exhibits

Pictures by C.B Lee