Prowler VMAQ-3 Moondogs in JRB Fr worth

Feb 5th 2017 mark the Superbowl Sunday for fiscal year 2017. We have the New England Patriots fighting up with the Atlanta Falcons.  Airwingspotter was covering a flight of VMAQ-3 Prowlers EA-6B in NAS Ft worth JRB. Word from the “little bird” tell us about the Moondogs was in town and running some local training on Friday and leaving this Sunday morning at 1000hrs.







VMAQ-3 Moondogs is base in MCAS Cherrypoint conducting Electronic warfare support and SAM Suppression and SEAD mission using the HARM missile. with the age of these aircrafts, USMC will be retiring these old warrior by 2019 and the life of these venerable EA-6B prowlers are number.

On this occasion we get to catch 3 EA-6B with callsign Dog 3-1 ,3-2 and 3-3. The aircraft photograph having the following bureau number:




They get on Runway 18 and did a southerly departure and note Dog 3-2 have starboard gas tank leaking fuel on takeoff. Dog 3-3 which is 00 bird have leaked fuel on the portside gas bags.

Article by Dave Chng