Red Arrows in Texas 2019

The Royal Air Force famous aerobatic team “The Red Arrows” did a North Amerca tour for 2019. Texas as we know is one of the state being chosen by the team to spend time in. Red arrows came into NAS Ft Worth ( KNFW) for about a week where they are station at the base and did some local fly by to commemorate some of the WW2 RAF training airfield here in DFW area and even a trip to Houston Ellington Field ( KEFD) . The Map shows the venu that the Red arrows will be flying for the 2019 tour.

We were covering Red Arrows when they flew from KNFW to KEFD. Red Arrows did a publicity fly by in Houston area and also a meet and greet event in KEFD.

Red Arrows Hot ramp Shots

Red Arrows Aerial shots

Red Arrows Hot Ramp Sight and sound

Special thanks to Airwingspotter Photographer Bill Havel for covering this event and taking such beautiful pictures of the Red Arrows.

Article by Dave Chng

Photograph by Bill Havel