Red Flag 14-2 Nellis AFB March 4 2014

I had the opportunity to attend Red Flag 14-2 at Nellis Air Force base this past March. Red Flag is a large scale multi-national aerial combat training exercise held several times each year at Nellis. These were the attendees for 14-2:

– 142nd Fighter Wing, 123rd Fighter Squadron, F-15Cs, Portland Air National Guard Base, Ore.
– 96th Test Wing, 40th Flight Test Squadron, F-15Cs, Eglin AFB, Fla.
– 4th Fighter Wing, 336th Fighter Squadron, F-15Es, Seymour Johnson AFB, N.C.
– 388th Fighter Wing, 4th Fighter Squadron, F-16CMs, Hill AFB, Utah
– 2nd Bomber Wing, 96th Bomb Squadron, B-52H, Barksdale AFB, La.
– 20th Fighter Wing, 77th Fighter Squadron, F-16CJs, Shaw AFB, S.C.
– 552nd Air Control Wing, 965th Airborne Air Control Squadron, E-3C, Tinker AFB, Okla.
– 57th Wing, 66th Rescue Squadron, HH-60s, Nellis AFB, Nev.
– 23rd Wing, 79th Rescue Squadron, HC-130Js, Davis-Monthan AFB, Ariz.
– 57th Wing, 64th Aggressor Squadron, F-16Cs, Nellis AFB, Nev.
– 57th Wing, 65th Aggressor Squadron, F-16Cs, Nellis AFB, Nev.
– NATO AWACS, E-3As, Geilenkirchen Air Base, Germany
– Royal Danish Air Force F-16AM
– Royal Saudi Air Force F-15S
– Belgian Air Force F-16AM and C-130

There was supposed to be some EA-18G Growlers from VFA-141, but they weren’t present at Nellis. There were also some Block 60 F-16s from the United Arab Emirates which launched and recovered while we were on base. Very interesting looking jets with the conformal fuel tanks, but we were not allowed to shoot them on base.

There was plenty of activity though, the NATO E-3A was the first jet launched followed by dozens of fighter, tankers and a pair of B-52s. Both runways were utilized and the pace was pretty rapid at times. Kudos to the airmen, crews and controllers for organizing and coordinating such an effective mass launch.

After a short break, the various squadrons started to return from the range and recover.

It was great having the opportunity to photograph a Red Flag exercise and always fun meeting photographers from all over.

Nellis AFB Red Flag March 3rd

Here are some shots taken on base as well as some from the surrounding areas.

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  1. Nice article Isaac and great shots! I think the Growlers did participate, but were staging out of Fallon. You probably saw them on your trip to Fallon.