Red Tails in Houston

100th Fighter Squadron Patch

We got an oppurtunity to see 2 Vipers from the Alabama ANG 100th FS the famous ” Red Tails” of the WW2 famed “Tuskeegee Airman” Fighter Squadron. 2x F-16C Blk 30 came into Ellington Field to do some Air to Air training in Warrior MOA. They launch at about noon and return about an hour later after the fight in the Gulf of Mexico. Part of 187th Fighter Wing, Alabama ANG disban the sister squadron 160th FS and the famed 100th FS was retained. The Red Tails will transit to the F-35A by 2023 according to USAF news.

F-16C Blk 30 from 100thFS “Red Tails”

Article by Dave Chng

Pictures by Bill Havel