Rhode Island Airshow 5-17-2014

Rhode Island Airshow 2014
The annual Rhode Island Airshow took place on May 17 & 18 at Quonset Airport in North Kingstown Rhode Island. The performer list was very good in our post-sequestration reality.

The headliners were the Blue Angels who put on their usual great demonstration. The F-22 Raptor was also highly anticipated and did not disappoint – Capt John “Taboo” Cummings put on an awesome display and had the crowd cheering at the end. It sure was great to feel the ground shaking power of the Raptor once again.

The Marines V-22 Osprey demo was quite impressive as well – showing off the unique capabilities of that platform.

The Horsemen performed a demonstration with their Grumman “Cats”. They brought out two Bearcats and a Tigercat for a very impressive performance. That big Tigercat, flown by Steve Hinton, was wonderful to see.

Other civilian demos included Julie Clark, Rob Holland, John Klatt and the incomparable Sean D Tucker. The Geico Skytypers showed off their new routine for 2014. There were also performances by a Grumman Wildcat and a Douglas Skyraider.

One of the most surprising performances was the Jet powered Waco biplane flown by John Klatt. It is a modified 1929 Waco with a Learjet engine underneath. It shot straight up like a rocket and put on an exciting display – it was a definite crowd favorite!

The Heritage flight on Sunday included the Raptor and two P-51 Mustangs “Bald Eagle” and “Bum Steer”.

Statics were decent as well. With a T-38 Talon, A-10 Warthog, KC-135, 2 F-15s from Barnes, C-130J, T-34C Mentor… as well as some interesting aircraft from the local museum. I particularly liked the A-7 and their F-14, A-4 and A-6 were also great to see.

It was a fun airshow and the weather cooperated for the most part despite the predictions … looking forward to their show next year.

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