RSAF F-16 in Ft Worth, TX

425th FS Black Widow

425th Fighter Squadron ( FS) also known as the Black Widows have her lean age back in World War 2 flying P-61 Black widows Fighter doing Night Fighter Training. This unit was reactivated in Dec 1992 in Luke AFB, AZ to support and train Republic of Singapore ( RSAF ) F16 pilots and crews. This unit took in leased F-16A/B and later updated to the F-16C Blk 52 and Blk 52+ whereby these leased aircraft were newly built F-16 and Singapore have the option to purchase. RSAF pilots and maintenance crews are assigned to the 425th FS for a duration of two years. During their tour of duty they receive advanced tactics training, participate in Red Flag Exercise, shoot live missiles at Combat Archer and deploy to locations throughout the U.S. to participate in composite operations and dissimilar air combat exercises .

425thFS F-16D Blk 52+ in Red Flag Ex

We were fortunate to have caught the 425th FS F-16 heading to Tyndall AFB on 6th June 2019. 9x F-16 came into NAS Ft worth (KNFW) for gas and go . 2 formation of 5 and 4 jets landed on runway 36 using callsign “Spider”

List of Aircraft

Aircraft TypeNumberSpecial Scheme
F-16D Blk 52+96-035US/Singapore Flag Color Tail
F-16C Blk 5294-273
F-16C Blk 5297-120
F-16D Blk 52+96-036
F-16C Blk 5297-112
F-16D Blk 52+94-282Black Tail Merlion
F-16C Blk 5294-270
F-16D Blk 52+94-283
F-16C Blk 5297-121

Here are some of actions we caught on “D-day” Friday in this Summer month in Ft worth.

Article by Dave Chng