RSAF F-16 visit to KNFW







Republic of Singapore Air Force ( RSAF ) have been training in Luke AFB since 1993 as 425th Fighter Squadron ( 425th FS ) ” Black Widows ” .  Initially Singapore lease some F-16C Blk 42 but the program have since ended and currently, they are flying F-16C/D Blk 52 and 52+ having them painted with the Singapore Merlion symbol in their tail. We have also caught a Blk 52+ painted with a Singapore and American Flag ( 96-035 ). 425th FS have been doing their Advance weapon and Ground crew maintenance training in Luke AFB and have been participating Red flag Exercises both in Nellis and Alaska.

Special Scheme 425th FS F-16

On this Spring Sat in Feb 2018, 8 of the 425th FS F-16 came by JRB Ft worth ( KNFW) heading out for their training exercise. The units were lead by the F-16D Blk 52+ colorbird 96-034.

All 8 of the jets came by KNFW 2 weeks later on their way home to Luke AFB.


Article by Dave Chng

Photographs by Scott Mecum