Sidewinders and Stingers in KAFW

June 1st , 2018 marks a very hot Friday in Ft Worth Alliance Airport ( KAFW ). Under this extreme Texas summer heat of 100 degrees or more, we were presented with Superhornets F/A-18E from NAS Leemore, CA. 1st superhornet came in as Callsign “Fist 1-1” dashing through the north end for runway 16R , did a left carrier break by the control tower and landed. What surprise us was the Fist 1-1 turnout to be a VFA-113 “Stingers” from Carrier Air Wing 17 CVW-17.







2nd flight of 4x F/A-18E callsign “Winder” did a 2 ship Left carrier break for runway 16L. These Superhornet belongs to the VFA-86 Sidewinders including the CAG bird. After meeting the crew after they landed the CAG bird was flown by LT Bratton ( callsign whisker ) . After the 4 jet landed there was another single VFA-86 superhornet came in to land.



that Afternoon we also witness our local Squadron VMFA-112 Cowboys F/A-18A++ launching and also T-38 shooting approaches for runway 16L and 16R. As you can see we caught a T-38C doing touch and go while the VFA-86 superhornet was launching. Another great catch comes from a NASA owned T-38A.

VMFA-112 Cowboys

T-38 Talons

Article by Dave Chng

Photographs by Dave Chng and Scott Mecum