Singapore Aerospace 2014

Singapore held her Aerospace Airshow once every other year.  This year was no exception with good US participation.  US contingent have the USMC V-22 single ship demo, C17, F-16C PCAF 35th Fighter Wing from Misawa Japan Single ship demo and also a P8a Poseidon was on static.   Lockheed martin showed up this year like the previous ones with a Mockup of the F-35.  Shame on them for not showing up with the real deal when Singapore is going to purchase the F-35B. RSAF have a good selection of F-16C Blk 52, F-16D Blk 52+,  F-15SG, F-5T , Gulfstream AEW, C-130, AH-64D, Super Puma and S-70 Seahawk. The Russian showed up with the YAk-130.  I am surprise not to see any Chinese participation like a J-10, J-7 or any of their aircraft that could easily be marketed to the Southeast Asia market. Also the the lack of other Russian jets like the SU-30 or 34, 35 puzzles me when Indonesia just sign up with some SU-30 and our neighbouring Malaysia flying the SU-30MKK.

I will have more pictures once I consolidate more pics from 2 of my editors in Singapore.  Here are the 1st part of the presentation .

Photograph presented by Teo Ee Leong

 Static Display

aero singapore 1


Flying Display

aero singqpore 2

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