Singapore Armed Forces National Day Parade 2015


Singapore , a small Asian Republic celebrated her 50th Anniversary in 2015. She boast one of the most modern Armed Forces in the South East Asia region. A record 37 contingents marching as a representation of the five points of Singapore’s total defense policy will be taking part in this year’s event parade. With 12 more contingents marching during the vintage parade segment preceding it, the total member is 49 contingents all in all including men and combat hardware. Besides the usual parade and ceremony events, the City March past will come back for a 6th straight year, with all 49 marching contingents marching out towards the Marina Bay Floating Platform, the Helix Bridge and Marina Bay Sands.

For the 5th straight year the Singapore Artillery using the ceremonial 25pdr gun will provide the 21 gun salute on a floating platform provided by the Singapore Engineers in the Marina Bay waters.

Here are the highlights of the Parade showing the new Military hardware mainly focusing on Ground hardware.

Leopard 2 SG Main Battle Tank

Bergepanzer-3 Büffel ARV

Bionix AFV


Terrex AFV

Light Strike Vehicle

Bronco All Terrain Tracked Carrier

SSPH Primus Self-propelled artillery Gun



Other Military Vehicles

25 Pdr Gun salute

Photos by C.B Lee

Article by Dave Chng