Singapore RSAF F-16 Blk 52+ Walkarounds

These Pictures contributed by Mr. Lee C.B  …. great walkaround of the Singapore F-16C Blk 52+

RSAF F-16C Blk 52

5 thoughts on “Singapore RSAF F-16 Blk 52+ Walkarounds”

  1. Okay i gotta ask. On top going from the canopy back to the tail, whats the big sqaure piece up there? Also what are the other ones on each side, the big humps/ All the F16s ive seen dont have those.

  2. Har har! Bryan! this is the F-16D Blk 52+ which the Isreali use it in the beginining .. they call it the Sufa. the hump is probably use for Electronic warfare attachments … and they do have flare and chaff dispensors…. the other humps are conformal fuel tank….
    I thought you caught the Egyptian F-16D … they have that square hump on the back. Kind of looks kool and differnt.