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VMFT-401 is the only Marine “Adversary” squadron base in MCAS Yuma , AZ. They are  tasked to act as the opposing force in simulated air combat.  Snipers was activated back in 1987 and was given the Isreali F-21 “Kfirs” and later in 1989 they receive the F-5n and was flying them since in these colorful schemes. I sure wish we have the Kfirs since this is such a unique aircraft type to witness.

5 of the Snipers came in on this Hot and humid Texas Summer 7-16-2017. They were on transitional flight from El Paso through Ft Worth Alliance ( KAFW). They came in 2 flights of 3 and than 2 jets doing a carrier left break on runway 35L on KAFW. A quick 40 minutes on the ground gas and go and was off the ground by 11am. Although a routine gas and go but seeing these colorful F-5n just made our day that Sunday Morning. There were 1 Desert Camo, 2x Blue camo, 1x Grey white camo and one Brown green camo patterned F-5n . We were all hoping for the Commander tiger striped F-5F but she did not come.

Hot ramp Actions

Air actions and Ground Taxi

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