3 thoughts on “Spads Landing Video”

  1. Nice video Dave. Your a video shooting machine! Im gonna have to try shooting some video one day. I like watching them ride the wheelie after they land!!! Wonder if they try and see how long they can keep the front end up?

  2. thats the day we were shooting together…. but yeah! sight movement and sound does makes a lot of difference…than just stills. but shooting video is so so hard…. forget about shooting with DSLR… shooting through the LCD screen will not work for us… U need a proper peep appeture…. since in the sun U will not see the LCD screen at all.. trust me… done that too often…

  3. Nice to see some of your video up. Keep trying bud, you’ll get the hang of it. I think you mentioned Christopher gave you some tips. Is it just me or do the a/c appear as though they are moving faster than when we watch with our eyes?

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