Spads return from Red Flag 15-4

Its a weekend of fun as you have seen, Fri 8-28th we got 19 Mako 93rd FS flew into NAS Ft worth JRB to shelter from Tropical Storm Erika. Word that 2 to 3 more including the Wing King suppose to fly in Saturday at 11am. Well! the over enthusiast spotter like me took the plunge and drove 1 hr to JRB for this moment.

2015-08-28 Macos 328

93rd FS Makos coming in to land on Fri

2015-08-28 Macos 382
























Unfortunately, the storm in Florida subsided and the 3 Makos did not materialize. Saturday traffic was kind of sparse with no Lockheed Martin traffic until pass 2pm.

301st FW

Spads F-16 break after Tac Initial











The good thing is I get to meetup and hangout with fellow spotters Joseph, Scott, Ronnie and Clinton. We were all hoping to catch those Makos but ended up with our boys from 301st FW coming back from Nellis AFB  for Red Flag 15-4. 2 flights of 3 and 4 F-16 came in did the Tac initial,  break and landed for full stop on runway 18. Spads participated in Red Flag 15-4. Unfortunately there was an accident which involves 2 Spads F-16 on landing. From the report,  one of the pilot was hurt. All prayers to the pilots and hope they all recover well.

The Shot of the day came when a few C-130 came in to land and one of them come from Pope Ft Bragg of the 440th Airlift Wing.