Spotting 1-18-2014 in KAFW Ft worth Alliance airport

Another Beautiful Winter Saturday in Dallas Fort Worth area.  Got to KAFW airport at about 11 am and hold and behold 10 Texan II T-6 with VN ( Vance AFB) and XL Lauglin AFB park neatly by the tarmac in front of the FBO. Also in the crowd we got a single T-38C from Sheppard AFB.   On the other end we got a KC-135 from MArch AFB getting ready to take off.  As we were waiting a V22 Osprey from the VMM365 Blue Knights from MCAS New river.  They were flying through KAFW for gas and heading back to North Carolina. Looks like we are getting 2 weekends of V22 actions from this great squadron.  KC135 fired up and took off on runway 16L.. followed by the V22 cutting through midfield taxiway and took off to the South.

I also have a pleasure to meetup with fellow Photographer Leo Faciane and we had a great time chatting about aviation photography and I hope to see some of his work.

Drive over to KNFW and hoping for some actions but was totally disappointment due to the Holidays ( MLK on Mon)  Should have read the NOTAM and was indicated that Navy was indeed close for the weekend . Better do my homework next time.

here are the actions in pictorial form.


kafw 1-18-2014


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