Spotting KNFW F-35A for Luke AFB

The weather got to a 180 degree change for 2-8-14. Sun came out and burn through all the fog and visibility is back at 10 miles. I head out after the exciting spotting at KAFW on those Snipers F5.

My 2nd bonus of 1st encounter was photographing F-35A LF tail code with Spotter F-16 137.  They took off and came back after 1.8 hours. a lot of radio chatter while they were off and I am guessing its major testing on this new bird.  They return and did one high key and a low key touch and go.  While the F35 was doing the high key I manage to do 8fps on my CAnon 7d and catch the moon shot on the F35A. Not the best moon shot but an lucky shot I guess.

Also lots of C-130 coming in for landing. We did catch an Omani F-16D Blk 52+ on the tarmac but he did not fly.

jrb 2-8 f35a luke

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