Spotting NAS Kingsville, TX

NAS Kingsville , TX


Tower Frequency 124.100

 Spot A:  East Santa Gertrudis St (East of HWY 77) is a good place to photograph inbound aircrat using RWYs 13L/R and/or 17L/R.  Both sides of the street offer ample shoulder parking and good, wide open views.  For morning arrivals travel further East on Santa Gertrudis so the sun is behind you and further west for afternoon shots.  Because it is an Advanced Jet Trainer base there is plenty of T-45 Goshawk action with the occasional transient coming in.


Spot B:  To get to this location, take HWY 77 south of the Air Station to FM 1717 and turn East on it.  Follow until the road dead ends at N Co Road 1070.  Turn left (North) and follow to the end.  This will take you just outside the perimeter fence.  At this location the arrivals will pass almost directly overhead and at low level using RWYs 35L/R.  Out of respect for base security keep back from the fence at least 100 feet as I was once asked to do that.  But don’t worry, that will not affect your ability to get good photos.