Summer 2019 Aircraft Actions!

Summer is officially in full swing for Texas and lets take a look at the activities we had for June and July in NAS Ft worth ( KNFW ) and Ft Worth Alliance Airport ( KAFW )

F-35 Activities have been heavy and in hot summer months, F-35A, B were the main aircraft we caught and here are some of the actions

F-35 Actions

Lockheed Martin was also testing out a few of the remaining F-16 including the UAE F-16 Blk 60 designated RA-2 and Taiwan F-16V testbed RA-1.

We also get to catch some transients comng through KNFW .

Hornets visiting KNFW and KAFW very often and here we have some from NAS Leemore

We were fortunate to be able to catch Republic of Singapore Air force F-16 coming thru KNFW for gas and go

SOme locals traffic from 301st FW ” Spads ” and ” VMFA-112 Cowboys!