Taiwan F-16A Encounter (21st FS)

Spotting Report 10/4/2018

We were fortunate to get head-sup on some visiting F-16 and this time we get the 21st Fighter Squadron ( FS ) ” Gamblers ” This is a training unit based out in Luke AFB, AZ from the Republic of China Airforce flying the very unique F-16A Blk 20. These jets will eventually be upgraded to the F-16V configuration which Taiwan Government have procure for their 144 F-16A/B. We were suppose to have 19 jets total for this day but we ended up with only 2 sorties of 9 aircraft. The sorties came in on Runway 18 and stayed for gas and go.

An unfortunate incident made me miss the 21st FS color commander bird by 5 minutes which I was hoping to catch. While I was turning towards the base the jet was already taking off and I could only see and not photograph this beautiful red/black tail colorful F-16. This was followed by our local 301st FW “Spads” and VMFA-112 Cowboys doing their routine training.

Article by Dave Chng