Texas Blue Bonnet Festival

The Texas Spring time has always been spectacular with the blooms of the Blue Bonnets….. This year starts the Spring time quite late due to the cold winter we had but the sun and fun looks like is taking over .

This Spring day started with a sortie of 8 Spads 301st FW and Rocket 11 from Lockheed Martin. Ranger 11 came out to play with her KC-130 . Afternoon was hit with another sortie from our 8x Spads F-16C. The return flight was spectacular with 1st a High Key tac Ops and followed by a Low key option. caught some spectacular shots of aircraft doing wheels up by the runway.  This was followed by Cowboy VMFA-112 02 taking off . No visitors and exotic Aircrafts for the day  but I give credit to our local boys doing their job, defending our great nation and presenting a great ” Airshow” display.


Texas Bluebonnet

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